o lord we are tired

Young Indiana awakened at 5:12 today, having gotten up yesterday at 5:24 after going to sleep at 9pm. We are all tired. And the poor pumpkin developed a fever suddenly this afternoon, so he’s genuinely not well, poor wee fella. We have had a Very Quiet Afternoon of watching movies (How to Train Your Dragon really is *awfully* good, isn’t it?) and cuddling. Before that, though, we went to see my Mom in a dance performance, which was really very entertaining. The dance reminded me of a Busby Berkeley piece,…

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Picoreview: Step Up

Picoreview: Step Up: Better than your average Wrong Side Of The Tracks Dance Movie. I have an unashamed love for Wrong Side Of The Tracks dance movies while being perfectly capable of recognising that their usual range of quality falls somewhere between “not good” and “excrutiating”. Most feature at least one lead who cannot. act. at. all. Some feature two. In the real humdingers, not only can neither of the leads act but neither can any of the supporting cast, either. However, they can all dance, which is really all…

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tap class

I walked like 8 miles yesterday and then went to 2 hours of tap dance class last night. My legs are a bit weary today. Class was…it was all right. I went to both the beginner’s and the intermediate class, and am nowhere near good enough for the latter. It’s not that I can’t do the steps, but I can’t process them at the speed they’re given. Truth is I could barely process the combinations in the beginning class, and I knew how to do all the footwork, which no…

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exercise room :)

So my dad has converted the garden shed at my parents’ place into an exercise studio, with a weight bench and a stationary bike and free weights. I said heck, I was going to just start going over there to exercise! “Good idea!” Ted said brightly. “It’s even a gym that provides childcare!” *laughs and laughs* My parents thought it was funny, too, but I just like imagining the look on Mom’s face. :) Actually, Ted also said “All it needs is a dance barre!” and now I’m all thinky.…

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oh my GOD why did none of you TELL me about LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers)? STREET DANCING SUPERHEROES, GUYS, AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME. YOU ARE ALL FIRED! Ted found the first season on Netflix the other night and thought “Catie must watch this.” Furthermore, he knew which two episodes I would like best before I watched them. Now we must watch the rest of them!