I did something very unusual this weekend, which was send a book out to beta readers. Normally I…don’t do that. Broadly speaking I feel writing a book is largely a closed loop between myself and my editor: she’s the source of feedback that I need, and I generally find adding more people in to that […]

I have nearly finished the AAs for WALKING DEAD. The rest of the afternoon will be spent reading the last few chapters and typing them in so they’re no longer a burden on my tiny little mind. I’ve also, much more satisfactorily–which should tell you how fond I am of doing AAs–finished converting cemurphy.net back […]

So I got revision notes on THE PRETENDER’S CROWN from my agent, the estimable /Jennifer Jackson a couple of days ago. The first screen (which was all I read at the time) wasn’t too terrible (I have gotten *really* gun-shy about revision letters since the one that obliged me to *completely* rewrite HOUSE OF CARDS), […]