ZOMG: a missing fan fiction, refound

This weekend, after literal years, very possibly literal decades, of searching, I re-found my favorite fan fic ever, “Sedimental Journey,” a Methos/Duncan Highlander tv show fic (one of my friends said “Of course it was Methos/Duncan,” which, well, lol/pink, yes, I’m afraid ‘of course’ was the appropriate response). :D I’m fairly confident I read it in the late 90s originally–like, extremely confident–but I lost it through Internet Drift, although I remembered the title because I thought it was such a great phrase, and I’ve honestly looked every few years, trying…

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Famous Author CE Murphy with Famous Rapper Daveed Diggs

Worldcon 75: Day Three

The astute among you may notice that Worldcon is over but I’m only just posting Day Three. This is due to a combination of things, firstly that in a fit of idiocy (fun, but idiocy) I was out until 3am Friday night/Saturday morning and was not prepared to write a blog post at that time, and secondly and far more annoyingly, that I wrote this whole damn post up last night, telling myself all the while that I needed to C&P it because it wasn’t going to post properly, and…

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