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    Well, I had to do something with the 9 (NINE!) egg yolks left over from the angel food doughnut, so I made some homemade chocolate pudding. It didn’t set up very well (as Ted said, “The thing with pudding is you follow the recipe plus or minus ten minutes of cooking…” and I had been trying to get it done so I /only/ followed the recipe, instead of adding ten minutes of cooking, even though I suspected it was Too Liquidy Still), but it tastes gorgeous. I’m bringing the rest to my family so we don’t eat it all. :)

    Know what I cannot find in this country? Baking chocolate. So my pudding is slightly lumpy from using cocoa powder and butter to make my chocolate with. It’s not actually possible that one *can’t* buy baking chocolate here, is it? (Of course it is. Last time I went looking for some, everyone I asked had *no idea* what I was talking about. And Diane Duane, who’s lived here a lot longer than I have, just said “Oh god, a question for the ages,” so…)

    I would like to report that this Fitbit thing continues to be quite addictive. Pretty soon here I’m going to start using it to record calories, I can tell. :)

    We think we need a new computer, since the old one whose All-Spark died is 4 years old anyway. The question, of course, is whether to get a spiffy all in one touch screen one or a much cheaper tower. Maybe I should do a new Old Races Short Story Project to fund a spiffy one… :)

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    this book is giving me fits.

    I have to revise something. I don’t have to do it now, because it’s not structural for the book, but rather for the series. But the damned book is giving me fits, and I wish to hell it wasn’t.

    We had a quiet day today, only going to the Citadel again to do some souvenir shopping. I ended up with a bunch of pottery, which is really my favorite thing for mementos. :)

    At the local bakery today I encountered an American woman speaking increasingly loudly, in English, to the staff. “Spoons? Do you have SPOONS? WELL THEN HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EAT THIS?”

    Well, you embarrassing excuse for a countryman, you could have bought something that didn’t require goddamned utensils, if you didn’t have any of your own.

    I did my best to order everything in French after that. Given that I learned French from Gambit, this … went slightly better than you might expect, actually.

    I have gotten a Fitbit. I forget if I’ve mentioned that, but anyway, I quite like it. If you’ve got one and use the Fitbit site and want another fitness friend, you can send me a friend request at cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com (I refuse to connect it to Facebook).

    41368 / 70000 words. 59% done!

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