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    New Release: GLADIATOR TIGER

    GLADIATOR TIGER, the last of my Gladiator Shifters paranormal romance series, is out now! It’s available at Amazon for Kindle and in print! (affiliate link)

    I’m pretty chuffed about finishing this series. I’m happy with how it turned out, and also I haven’t finished a series in approximately One Million Years, so it’s emotionally cathartic. :D

    Their love can stand the test of time…

    When archaeologist Elissa Grant is asked to curate a new exhibition on ancient Rome, she can’t say no—but the last thing she expects is to meet a man who looks like the model for the 2,000 year old statue that’s part of the exhibition…like, exactly like the model. But somehow, Elissa feels more than safe with Joash. His presence seems to awaken something inside her…and more than anything else, that something says home.

    Tiger shifter Joash Namur is a legend among his kind. Believed to be ancient, known to be powerful, he lives quietly, finding joy in his friends’ happiness—until fate strikes again, offering a new chance for heartbreak…or happy endings. He will do whatever he can, however he must, to protect Elissa, even if it means finally letting the truth of his long story be known.

    Joash has tried for eons to capture fleeting love. Now, with the laws that have ruled the gladiator shifters for centuries finally breaking down, and with his fated mate once more at his side, Joash must face the single challenger who has visited so much pain upon him…and all their kind.

    Can Elissa and Joash finally break the cycle of love and loss? Find out in the final exciting installment of the Gladiator Shifters, GLADIATOR TIGER!

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    The second book in my ridiculous gladiator shapeshifter paranormal romance series is out today! GLADIATOR CHEETAH link, for those of you who are all business! (Book one, GLADIATOR BEAR, is here. :))

    For those who have read the book early: if you wanted to leave a review, that would be AMAZING. Generally, Amazon needs 50 reviews to start boosting books, & every 50 thereafter increases its visibility that much more.

    He’ll make her heart race….

    Shannon had her life planned out right up to the Olympic gold medal, but she never predicted the fall that ended her biathlete career. When a South African game reserve puts out a call for sharp-shooters to help guard their animals, Shannon leaves the wreck of her life behind in exchange for danger, excitement…and an unexpected chance at love…

    Cheetah shifter Aeolis Savio is cautious about telling people the truth regarding his sanctuary: that it’s not only protects ordinary endangered species, but is also a refuge for shapeshifters whose gladiator ancestors once fought, and bonded with, the beasts of the Roman Colosseum. But when intelligent, brave Shannon Kavanaugh joins the park rangers, Aeolis must betray his secret in the first moments that they meet, in order to save a newborn from certain death.

    But the natural circle of life isn’t all that threatens the sanctuary. Elite hunters who know that shifters exist are looking for their next big kill, and have their sights set on Aeolis’s refuge.

    Can fated love hold the line against hard-hearted humanity? Find out in GLADIATOR CHEETAH!

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