Celtic Cross, Athy, Ireland

Kitsnaps: Celtic Cross

Another shot from my Athy graveyard pictures. I caught the dawn light just right and the colors really were this remarkable. I’m doing a really terrible job of remembering to post photos on Fridays. At this rate I’ll be 106 before I get through my backlist, nevermind what I’ve taken recently. Except I haven’t taken anything recently, so that’s, uh, something, I guess… o.O

Sunrise over an old graveyard turns the stones to gold in Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Kitsnaps: Golden Graveyard

I love photographing graveyards, especially if there’s some kind of Weather going on. Sunrise turned out to be good Weather at the old graveyard in Athy, Co Kildare, Ireland. Best of all, it was January, so sunrise wasn’t even at, er, the crack of dawn… :)

Ivy Gravestone

Kitsnaps: Ivy Gravestone

This is the first photograph I took with a digital SLR, in January 2006. I’d bought the camera (the Nikon D50 that recently died) on eBay and had to have it shipped to a friend in the US, because reasons. He thought I was batshit. insane. for having bought a thousand dollar camera kit. Absolutely could not understand why somebody would do that. But he forwarded the camera on to me anyway, if bemusedly. Ten days later or so I posted this picture and his eyes nearly fell out of…

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Foggy Angel

Kitsnaps: Foggy Angel

There’s not much like a foggy morning for shooting graveyards, and while we lived in Cobh I kept a keen eye to the weather for purposes of dashing down to the graveyard should a sufficiently foggy morning arise. One did. :) We’ve a graveyard nearby here, the Glasnevin Cemetery, that I want to go shoot sometime, but it’s so flipping huge I’ve been intimidated. Someday I’ll go do it, though. :)

Golden Graveyard

Kitsnaps: Golden Graveyard

This is from the same shoot that yesterday’s misnamed Canal Reflection is from. The light was utterly magnificent that morning, and I got a lot of really, really nice shots. This was in January 2006, *just* after we got here, and mere days after I got my (now broken) Nikon D50 DSLR, so I was out taking loads of pictures and getting a handle on the new camera. I believe I was sort of balanced precariously over a wall trying to take this picture, as the wall was exactly the…

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