• X-Files: I Want to Believe

    X-Files: Season 1 (2 of 3)

    Dear grod. I started this blog entry when I managed to record several episodes of season 1 X-Files and watch them. I thought that was 12 or 15 months ago, a little more than a year maybe, but I have just discovered that the last time I updated this file was October 10, 2010. Good grief. Anyway, so I’m going to post this now, as I got the whole series on DVD recently, and just started at the beginning. This does not start at the beginning; it covers episodes 7-14. I’ll do 1-7 in another post, then 15-24 in a final one.

    Anyway, the whole point of this was doing a “response to a show I haven’t watched in 20 years” thing. There is nothing meaningful or profound about my discussions here. They’re just reactive, and I’m enjoying doing them.

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