Fiction Week: Rabbit Tricks

I am back from London, and for the end of Fiction Week, I present to you a Walker Papers short story to tide you over until book four’s release next fall. :)

Fiction Week: New York Hold ’em

I am on a plane to London, where I will be doing a signing from 6-7pm this evening at The Forbidden Planet! I hope to see some of you there! And that means today’s story is getting posted early, and tomorrow’s will probably be late, ’cause I don’t get back to Ireland until mid-afternoon. All right, all right, we’re starting to get to what you all really wanted in the first place, right? A story of the Old Races, just for you. :)

Fiction Week: Previously, on Take A Chance…

While I was considering what to write for Fiction Week, Ted suggested a Chance prequel. I could write it as news reports, he suggested, and that sounded like a pretty good idea. Except when I sat down to do the job, it came out in comic script form. I decided it leave it that way for several reasons: one, it was clearly the natural format for a Chance story. Two, I thought perhaps a few people would be interested in seeing the basic structure I use in writing a comic…

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Fiction Week: Glasslands

This is the prequel to a television series idea I’d like to pitch someday. (Other people have hobbies. I apparently have an unending obsession with creating more work for myself all the time.) Enjoy!