DB Jackson returns! Again!

I’m delighted to once more have my friend and fellow writer DB Jackson on the blog for a series of not-terribly-serious interview questions! 1. Let’s start with the obvious. Give me the ten-cent shake-down on A PLUNDER OF SOULS. The Thieftaker Chronicles are historical urban fantasy, and the books tell the story of Ethan Kaille, a conjurer and thieftaker (the eighteenth century equivalent of a private detective) living in pre-Revolutionary Boston. Each book is a stand-alone mystery set against the backdrop of a particular historical event leading to the American…

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Guest Blog: DB Jackson returns!

Last year I hosted my friend DB Jackson on his blog tour coinciding with the release of his first Thieftaker Chronicles novel, THIEFTAKER. I’m delighted to interview him again this year as book two, THIEVES’ QUARRY, lines up to hit the shelves. Mea culpa: this time I haven’t read the book, although I have a copy. But I *do* have a spare copy of THIEFTAKER to give away, so that’s gotta make up for something. I’ll send the book to a random commenter on this post (after verifying said commenter…

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Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon JDIFF Q&A

The Q&A after Much Ado was much shorter than I hoped it would be! And the moderator, in introducing Joss again, asked the question I wanted to ask, which was: “You made Much Ado on a twelve day shoot between finishing filming Avengers and starting to edit it. (“No,” Joss said, parenthetically, “we’d already started editing Avengers…”) So the burning question here is, what’s wrong with you?” “Workaholism,” Joss said sadly. “There’s no known cure.” Which had been more or less what I wanted to ask, although I might have…

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european time zone warriors?

I need European time zone word warriors. Even if you just log in to tell me every half hour, “Write more!” that would be greatly appreciated. Anybody? Anybody? Guest blog interview thingy with me is up at the Chapters Bookstore blog. *rattles brain* Okay. I’m going in.

I have been experimented upon!

Yesterday I got an interview request email from someone who’d just read URBAN SHAMAN, which isn’t all that unusual. They mentioned that picking it up was the result of an experiment they were running, which is entirely unusual. It was all very mysterious, with no explanation of what the experiment *was*, just a promise that it would be explained in the review post. So I answered the questions, and a report and interview is now up at GeekTreasure.com. It’s actually a pretty damned interesting experiment, I think, and not just…

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