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    Today I’m going to start NO DOMINION revisions, and also doing busywork stuff for the epub like putting the (FOUR PAGE!) acknowledgements list together. o.O

    If you are a NO DOMINION subscriber, and have not filled out the survey which asks for addresses, names, and other moderately important things, you should go check the Kickstarter page to see if the survey link is there in your upper left hand corner, because the emails apparently didn’t all go through, and some 75 people haven’t answered yet.

    Janne and a couple other people, I need to email you guys to get that information. Don’t let me forget.

    I can’t believe the ebook is due to subscribers in barely more than a week. Where did the time go? (Answer: into writing MOUNTAIN ECHOES.)

    It’s my hope to finish the other short stories due to subscribers this month. We’ll see.

    I’m also eyeing the HEAVEN CAN WAIT teaser chapters, and finding myself a little tempted to–well, to essentially offer HEAVEN CAN WAIT to the NO DOMINION subscribers as a proposal package. Write the chapters, write a synopsis, and let subscribers read the whole package as if they were the publisher making a decision on whether to buy the book/series.

    The idea is mostly prompted by how much people seemed to enjoy the blog I kept while writing NO DOMINION, and by the supposition that people might therefore find it entertaining to be walked through the *entire* book-creation process, starting from proposal and going all the way through to edits, cover copy, covers, etc, all of it. I mean, I suppose that would mean running a Kickstarter for that project at some point, but the proposition isn’t that fully fleshed yet. :)

    Anyway. Random meanderings, mostly. But if you’re a subscriber and haven’t filled out the NO DOMINION survey, please do go do that!

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