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    aheh. :)

    Funny that the “Is LJ dead?” post got lots of traffic. :)

    LJ and mizkit.com (which are pretty much interchangeable) are really still the heart of online communication for me. I use Twitter more than I like, but a great deal of it is announcing word wars and the like. Facebook has two aspects for me, one of which is the personal side, where I do almost nothing but share links and photos from other people. The other side is work, where I try to make an actual effort to be, y’know, like, interactive. I almost never remember to use G+ and when I do it’s simply reiterating something I’ve posted on FB/Twitter, or the very occasional blog posting. I never, ever read the stream there.

    CEMurphy.net gets virtually no interactive traffic, perhaps because I do such a lousy job of posting there regularly, but also possibly because the spam’s been so bad I’ve had to instigate too many measures that shut down potential conversations. And also probably because it needs a redesign to make it more user-friendly, but see “in my copious free time”. Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate.

    I gather that for somebody in my position (ie, a writer), I should probably be hanging out on GoodReads. I don’t even have an account there, apparently. Oi. Another place to promote. :}

    In totally other news (she said, in what we call “burying the lead”), I’m thinking of doing a Nano in February. 50K in 29 days. Anybody up for it?

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    is LJ dead?

    Is Livejournal dead? Are we all using Tumblr and Twitter (and for me, to an increasingly lesser degree, Facebook) these days? I don’t ask because of this article (touting LJ’s return; hat-tip to Charlie for the link), but because man, it’s *really* seemed quiet the past few months, and only seems to be growing increasingly so. And of course it’s not any skin off my nose to keep cross-posting, but boy, there’s a lot of whistling in the wind going on.

    Of course, a Saturday afternoon/evening is probably not the best time to post and ask this, but once upon a time it wouldn’t have been a *bad* time. Or maybe it’s just everybody’s moved on to a new phase in their lives where they don’t have time to blog as much, much like there was a slow visible drop-off in MUSHing among my friends lo these many years ago now as people moved on and out of college and perhaps out of jobs that let them be online 24/7, and started having children and doing other things which quite reasonably had greater demand on their time.

    I dunno. I miss the community. I know I’m not doing a great job keeping up my end, either, with sporadic postings, but I miss it anyway.

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    nothin’ much

    I have to say, I think there’s something to be said for this whole strange idea of “write 5 days a week and take 2 days off”. I had a very hard time getting started this morning (I do not find the ends of books easy to write, although you’d think they would be, since most of the work is done by that point), but I eked out twelve hundred or so words and then had a fairly decent set of wars. Aiming to finish the book by Friday (after which I have the unpleasant task of re-reading my own novels in order to get some of the details I’ve forgotten straight. I’d ask for LJ-readers to do it, but there are spoilers involved that I don’t want, well, spoiled.), which seems reasonably likely.

    Dublin on Saturday was lovely, and I saw friends whom I hadn’t seen in MUCH too long! So that was wonderful. I didn’t find a copy of the FCBD Chance issue, though. Oh well. Trent reportedly snagged me a copy, so at least I’ll get to see it.

    I’ve joined Dreamwidth as mizkit. I have no particular intention of jumping ship unless something unspeakably weird happens with LJ, but I’ve got my handle over there now and…yeah. That’s all. :)

    ytd wordcount: 163,700
    miles to Minas Tirith: 225

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