• Kitsnaps: Guarding London
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    Kitsnaps: Guarding London

    Kitsnaps: Guarding London There’s an exceedingly long story that goes along with the lion and dragon guards of London and Westminster’s borders. I remember none of it, but if you get on the London city bus tour with a guide named Barry, you’ll hear it in magnificent detail. (I’m sure you hear it from other guides, too, but I can’t imagine they’re as GOOD as Barry! Barry and Dave, Dave the bus driver, who says he works with Barry every day and Barry still makes him laugh. :))

    At any rate, lion! Fierce and snowy! Seriously, London in snow was just splendid. I have a couple more photos to show off too. :)

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    Kitsnaps: Westminster in Snow

    Westminster in Snow
    Westminster in Snow
    From our trip to London last month!

    We about froze to death on the bus tour (because we were FOOLS and rode on the TOP) but it was well worth it. Our guide, Barry, was so brilliant we were totally unwilling to hop off anywhere for fear of missing the rest of his lecture, and London in the snow was quite beautiful. This is one of my favorite pictures I took, looking back at Westminster.

    After we got off the bus we were all so numb from cold that we staggered into the first cafe we could find (“We’ll take Starbucks if it’s what we get to first,” we agreed desperately) and warmed up with coffee and/or hot chocolate. It took about an hour to thaw, and we froze right up again as soon as we went back out. But we certainly had fun. :)

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