Magical Words post!

Mindy Klasky () has a post up at Magical Words about the patronage system, which is full of great questions that I want to steal for my own blog topic right here, but instead I send you there to discuss it! *sends, sends*!

Magical Words: who pays whom?

I’ve been doing what will, I imagine, turn into a four part series over on Magical Words, all prompted by a reader question “who pays whom?” Part one, discussing the editor/agent/author relationship and the differences between an editor and an editorial service, is here. Part two, discussing vanity presses, is here. I expect I’ll be talking about POD and ebooks over the next two weeks, and I’ll link to those later, maybe. For the moment, though, I thought I’d bring up what turned into a very long comment from the…

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cannot brain i have teh dumb

I think I have about a chapter and a half to go on this book. It is getting ever-slower. I have reached the Novelist’s Event Horizon. I’m coming to the conclusion that the last five chapters or so of any book is my least favorite part of writing it. For years now I’ve been skipping ahead and writing the last scene, and I now suspect that this is because I just want to get it over with and have some vague (if desperately wrong) hope that if I write the…

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