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    all out of…

    YAY the Phoenix landed safely!

    …that was totally not what I was going to write about, but more or less the first thing I do in the mornings is check out the APotD, and YAY the Phoenix landed safely! *beams*

    Right. Where was I.

    Last night I was observing to Deborah that I was all out of give-a-shit. She observed in return that actually, what was impressive was that I was all out of grim. I believe she nailed the actual problem there, and it seems that having had it defined, I’m feeling a little more prepared to cope this morning. I don’t particularly want to, but apparently my Grim has been re-located. So.

    critically necessary thinks to do:
    – grant application
    – checks
    – work on FRWL

    slightly less critical thinks to do:
    – respond to some of jason’s email
    – email scott
    – poke jimfred to see if jim’s online
    – start packing up books to send out
    – try to remember the absolute crapload of other things that need doing

    Meme behind the cut.

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