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    all right. I give in.

    Okay. I give in. I have joined Twitter. I am a twit. I … have no idea what to do with it, you understand, but I’m told it’s terribly important for networking, and I’m trying to build access to my reader base, so… Surprisingly, I’m ce_murphy there. (Well, I think it’s surprising. I didn’t expect to get that username.) At any rate, I most solemnly swear to *not* pipe my twitter feed into my LJ.

    Another rather lovely day in Dublin. I met up with Kate and we had lunch at the Saturday food market, I traded my shoes that weren’t right for a new pair, we swung by Sub City to harrass Rob, and I did the Frozen Dublin thing, which I actually thought rather sucked. There were a *lot* of people there, but they turned up way the hell early and were basically just standing around anyway, so there was no sudden slow-and-stop of activity around the spire, and even more annoyingly the event, which was supposed to start at 3, didn’t start until a few minutes after, so if you were like me and did time it so you were arriving at the stroke of three, you were left meandering around like an idiot until the freeze signal blew. Also, I believe this is probably a more effective performance art thing if it’s staged inside, though possibly it just flat out would’ve worked better if everybody hadn’t been standing basically standing still anyway. The Spire may not have enough physical room around it for it to be especially effective, either. Anyway, so I wasn’t impressed, but maybe the next one will be better organized.

    I also got a lot of work done on the train. I’m now well past the halfway point in revisions, and have added 25 pages to the manuscript (I don’t know how many I’ve subtracted). Of course, now I’ve probably gotten myself back to the part where I’m doing massive rewriting instead of just the tedious work of switching scenes to the other character’s POV, so being halfway isn’t actually the same as having hit the home stretch, sadly.

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