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    2 birds. 1 stone.

    All right. I decided to upgrade Nook to an internet-capable computer, because I’m unwilling to give up the word wars (and because my birthday is Monday). But if I figured if I’m going to buy a new computer, I may as well buy something portable, because that way at least I can take my work with me very easily if I need/want to.

    Meet Nook 3.0:

    It’s a Samsung NC10 (sadly, not an NCC-1701), and it has, for sweet Christ’s sake, a 160 gig hard drive. I’m a *writer*. My most massive files don’t reach a meg. I have no earthly use for that much hard drive space. On the other hand, it also has a 6 hour battery and a 10 inch keyboard & screen (which I deemed worth the extra sixty quid I paid over an Acer Aspire). I intend to hook it up to the Captain’s Chair and a full-sized screen and don’t plan to spend much time at all using the keyboard & screen as-is, but it’s big enough /to/ type on so I can use it on the road.

    It also appears to have a built-in webcam and Bluetooth. I don’t even know what Bluetooth *is*, honestly. And it would be more than happy to open up an internet connection if I could only find the magic code to let me onto our network. which would be helpful, as I need to download Firefox and Word so my darling new computer is actually *useful* to me.

    I’m obviously not getting anything else done today. :)

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