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    , in comments wrt to Eddings’ death, said, And I can never forget Jim’s speech about the origins of the Codex Alera books: “Because all epic fantasy begins with an orphan on a farm.” Eddings is who I always associated with that.

    Which is true, and which makes me feel rather sentimental, and also makes me want to write an orphan-on-the-farm epic fantasy. Except I haven’t got as inherently cool a premise as Jim had for the Codex Alera books. Or, you know. Time.

    I seem to have walked almost six miles today. That’s probably enough that I don’t have to go for another walk tonight.

    Worked on TRUTHSEEKER revisions this afternoon, and to my astonishment got about 1800 words done even though I really felt like I was just poking along. Word wars continue to be FTW.

    I think I will shower to get all this sunblock off me, and then go watch Penelope, which Ted got me for my birthday. :)

    ytd wordcount: 177,000
    miles to Minas Tirith: 323.6

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