to the irish peoples I know:

Is anybody going to the Neil Gaiman signing thing at Eason’s in Dublin on the 30th of October? I’d kind of like to go, but it’d be more fun with people. Maybe there could be a dinner before or afterward or something? She said hopefully? :) (Oh, also, totally unrelated, but no matter how many times I see this photo of the earth at night, I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.)

by popular demand

All right, all right, by popular demand, a photo of the new hair behind the cut. I’m not actually sure it’s a particularly good picture of the hair (which I figured out how to make look a little less chemo-patient), but it amused me.

mostly metrics

Ted and I started watching “Bones” a couple of days ago. He noticed right off that Bones herself falls into a proper martial arts finishing stance when she’s done kicking somebody’s ass. I noticed right off that Booth calls her “Bones” when he’s being casual or trying to annoy her, and “Temperence” when he’s pleased with her, and that she objects to being called “Bones” when she’s annoyed with *him*, but doesn’t seem to mind otherwise. We were both amused by these observations. :) Anyway, it’s better than I expected,…

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publicity shots

Deirdre came out to Longford on Tuesday to do a photo shoot for publicity shots for the arts festival she’s participating in this fall. She gave me permission to post the three shots we settled on as her portfolio, so I’m doing so. We’re both very pleased with the results! Click through for larger versions of the photos. I hadn’t done anything even vaguely resembling a studio shoot in *years*. I’d forgotten how much I loved it. Back to unpacking now. :)

rocky day

Today has been pretty emotionally high-strung. I read this morning that our friend /Frank Darcy, the charming gentleman who ran the last two P-Cons, has gone into hospice and isn’t expected to live much longer at all, after spending most of the last fifteen months fighting stomach cancer. His daughter posted to his journal to let people know, and is passing messages along, which is incredibly thoughtful of her. Frank befriended Ted and myself early on in our introduction to Irish fandom, and I will absolutely never forget the entrance…

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