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a pokemon weekend :)

I spent basically the entire weekend playing PokemonGo, and it was GREAT. :D Please know that I do not expect many of the following words, in these sequences, to mean much to most people. :D It was the PokemonGoFest weekend, and I got in the region of 2 million XP, which is an extremely large amount for me. I am T R Y I N G to reach 50th level in this wretched game because, see, I do not play video games, and I never level out in them on…

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Indy and I went on a Pokewalk this evening. Won the local gym back (at great cost, half our Pokemon fainted!). We’re *terrible* at Pokebattles but Indy seems to be learning to embrace the “we’re doing it for fun not for winning” thing, which is great. and OH OH OH DO YOU KNOW WHY #POKEMON’s MAGIKARP IS SO HARD TO EVOLVE THERE’S AN AWESOME REASON! turns out there’s a Japanese legend abt a fish determined to climb a massive waterfall. keeps trying, keeps trying, keeps trying. all the other fish…

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