irritated rant

IRRITATED RANT INCOMING I just got one of my trad publishers’ for-the-authors newsletter arrived and one of their topics is “how to grow your newsletter organically!” You know what the #1 best way to grow it would be? The NUMBER ONE BEST WAY to grow it would be for THE TRAD PUBLISHERS to let us put OUR NEWSLETTER LINKS into THEIR EBOOKS But they don’t want to do that. Not because it’s hard, because it isn’t: they could just put it into the About The Author at the end, or…

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CE Murphy & the Great Newsletter Tragedy

Ten days ago I accidentally deleted my entire newsletter mailing list, backups, old newsletters, and all, and it cannot be retrieved. For the TL;DR crowd, you can (please please please) sign up (again) at For those who enjoy stories of epic EBCAK, let me share the sad, mortifying tale. It was so so so so stupid. I was trying to set up a NEW mailing list for blog posts, and tried using the same email address figuring it would say “that email is already in use” if that couldn’t…

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Cover for Roses in Amber

Launch Day: Roses In Amber

I’ll start out with the links, in case that’s all you’re here for. :) ROSES IN AMBER, available now at: iTunes || Kindle || Kobo || Nook || Amazon (paperback) || & at bookstores near you! Order with title or ISBN (978-1613171363) Beauty and the Beast is my favourite fairy tale. Always has been, perhaps since I read “The Wounded Lion” in the gorgeously illustrated ENCHANTED TALES (Rand McNally, 1978) as a small child. I read Robin McKinley’s Beauty until the cover fell off, and Rose Daughter years later. Between…

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The winners of the RAVEN CALLS giveway are Anne Pascale Quinty, Poppy, and Larisa LaBent! The winners of the RAVEN CALLS giveaway are jasondrake, tattermuffin, and for_rainy_days! All of you please email me at cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com with your snail mail addresses, your LJ names if that’s what you’ve won under so I know who you are, and whatever name I should sign the books to. :)