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    best agent ever :)

    Harlequin has launched a new teen line which I promptly got all jealous that I wasn’t writing for, and equally promptly came up with a Walker Papers spin-off series I /could/ write for it.

    So I emailed Jenn, who is under strict orders to not let me over-commit, and said, “This is the part where you tell me I really, really *really* don’t need to put together a pitch for a YA trilogy.”

    She wrote back and said, “Actually, this is the part where I tell you that sounds like so much fun, but then dutifully remind you of your current contract commitments and your resolution to slow down to a “normal” pace,” and very helpfully listed my current commitments and suggested I write up any future projects, “to see if this is a realistic pursuit. You’ll have to convince me that’s the case before I’ll make any such submission. *g*”

    I really do have the best agent ever. :)

    (current & projected deadlines behind the cut, ’cause I know somebody’s gonna ask)

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    a-revisioning we go

    348 page manuscript. Cut 32 pages wholesale. Have probably 50 or so to revise significantly by switching into the heroine’s POV, plus front-loading the story with essentially all-new material (some 30-50 pages of it all told, though not necessarily all in the front). Total expected major revision work, something like 70-100 pages. Minor revisions throughout to make the old stuff work with the new. And yet, delightfully, neither stressed nor panicked over all of this. Let’s hear it for not being behind the 8-ball. Got about 1.5 chapters actually revised, new writing & stuff into them, today. Na’ bad.

    Vague intended work schedule/delivery dates for the summer: TRUTHSEEKER revisions (June 12). Walker Papers #6 proposal (June 19). Chance GN #2 proposal (June 26, ’cause most of it’s done already, really). Mia GN proposal (July 17). WAYFINDER proposal/writing (Aug 28). DEMON HUNTS revisions (Sept 11).

    Yeah, yeah, man plans, God laughs, but it’s a structure, which is important. And maybe this fall after doing DH revisions I can revise RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND and write a screenplay before writing WP #6.

    ytd wordcount: 175,000
    miles to Minas Tirith: 294

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