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    Ted and I started watching “Bones” a couple of days ago. He noticed right off that Bones herself falls into a proper martial arts finishing stance when she’s done kicking somebody’s ass. I noticed right off that Booth calls her “Bones” when he’s being casual or trying to annoy her, and “Temperence” when he’s pleased with her, and that she objects to being called “Bones” when she’s annoyed with *him*, but doesn’t seem to mind otherwise. We were both amused by these observations. :) Anyway, it’s better than I expected, even though people kept mentioning it was a good show.

    I’ve uploaded about half of my ComicCon photos. I have this idea that later when I’m done writing my book I’m going to do a whole set if ComicCon 2008 icons. But that’s another 30K away. Oh! Only 30K to go! I broke 80K today! Yay me! :)

    ‘k, that’s all.

    miles to Isengard: 137.4
    ytd wordcount: 286,200

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    ComicCon 2008: Friday-Saturday

    Looking at my notes, apparently the Dabel Brothers panel was on Thursday, so technically this should go under that last entry, but oh well. Short version: Chance didn’t get announced and I’m frustrated by that. I don’t know when it’s even going into Previews–it didn’t make it into this month’s as it was supposed to, so right now I’ve got no publication date on it. Maybe I’ll get one by next week, as I did get a chance to talk with them on…Sunday, and they’re having a full team meeting later this week, but right now I’ve got nothin’. I’ll let people know when that changes.

    …completely not-really-related-except-sort-of, I’m considering launching a forum-based website for Chance/my writing sometime toward the end of this year, except reality says I’m not actually the person to run it. If anybody’s interested in helping me design/moderate something like that, let me know, huh? I don’t actually know if there’d be enough traffic to bother, but it might be worth thinking about.

    Anyway, more ComicCon!

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    ComicCon 2008: Wednesday & Thursday

    There is a universe in which my photograph is smack alongside photos of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki in somebody’s flickr set. Bizarrely, it is *this* universe in which that has happened. Sadly, I wasn’t any closer than a photograph, but still, that’s pretty cool. :) I’ll post photos in a while here, but really, /Reese’s photos are 23459870 times better than mine, so just go browse her flickr set. :)

    So. ComicCon. how ’bout I just put it all behind the cut, ’cause we all know this is gonna get long… :)

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