Ring Road

Kitsnaps: Ring Road

Taken in the west of Cork, on the road to Bantry. Or rather, on a side road that we followed up into the hills because they claimed there would be a standing stone ring up there somewhere. There was–the cover of NO DOMINION features them in the background–but Ted was the only one brave enough/wearing the right shoes to actually get over to the stones to take pictures. However, looking back over the road there lent itself nicely to my Road Home series. :)

Glasnevin Cedars

Kitsnaps: Glasnevin Cedars

Cedars. Probably. I don’t know, I didn’t ask anybody, but they’re big and look cedar-colored to me. :) This could very nearly be one of my Road Home series, which…which I see I have posted none of. Well, I’ll tag this as a Road Home series and when I’ve got several posted I’ll link to the tag. The Road Home is about the only other thing besides the godslight that I think of as having a series of, though probably the crosses count as well, now that I’m actually thinking…

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