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Judith Tarr is running a sale on her mentoring package (which she is extending through next week, so I’ll update this link later with the new information, but I wanted to get it down so I didn’t forget!). Judy is one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever read, so she’s well worth hiring if you’re in the market for a writing mentor! Tim Pratt’s Kickstarter ends in just a few hours! I like the Marla books because Marla is such an in-your-face protagonist–not the nicest person in the world,…

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Kickstarter signal boost!

A few years back, a guy did a kind of cool experiment where, in an attempt to judge books the same way editors did, he picked up several books at the bookstore and read the first page. As it happened, URBAN SHAMAN was one of the ones he picked up, and the only one that drew his attention enough to actually buy it. Since then he and I have chatted a bit, and now Ed is running a Kickstarter for his first novella. Check it out! Also, Tim Pratt is…

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