the most popular thing i’ve ever said on twitter

“Dear all news sites ever: just shut up the fricking videos and give me words. I read a fuckload faster than you talk.” Seriously, it’s been directly retweeted hundreds of times and tweeted-with-commentary hundreds more (I dunno how to do the cool things that tell you exactly how many RTs something has had). How utterly bizarre.

FB Timeline & G+

Apparently Facebook is going to roll out their Timeline change as a non-negotiable upgrade (if this link is correct). That may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me, because its entire purpose is to make your history of everything clearer to advertisers and corporations. And Google is apparently rolling out a non-negotiable one-username-shall-rule-them-all policy across everything they own. While in theory I like the idea of not having to log in and out everywhere, in practice it’s the same thing as the Timeline. I cannot decide if…

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