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    TBR Shelf, 2019

    For a few years there I was keeping up on a TBR shelf posting pretty regularly, but the last couple years I fell off badly. However, inspired by

    1. an ever-growing TBR shelf (againstillalways)
    2. an EMBARRASSINGLY low number of books read last year, and
    3. a conversation with a friend

    I have decided to declare 2019 the Year Of Clearing The TBR Shelf.

    I may also declare it the Year of Re-Reads, as I really want to re-read John Lee’s Unicorn Saga to see if I still need to be carrying those books around in print (not that I can find them available in e-book). Same with Julie Dean Smith’s Caithan Crusade, which ARE available in e-books (with lovely covers, too!), and…well, I’d like to re-read Michelle Sagara’s whole Cast series, but perhaps I shouldn’t be overly ambitious right now. :)

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    To Be Read Shelf, 2017

    I’m pretty sure I’ve gone over to the dark side. I’m looking at my TBR shelf and thinking “the only way I’m going to read half of these is if I get the ebook.” My last…several…book purchases have been e-books, with the exception of one that’s on its way that wasn’t available to me in e-book (and which I have the first book in print and signed), and I’ve replaced a few with e-books at this point. And there are several more on this list that, realistically, if I’m gonna read them, it’ll be by replacing them in e-format.

    I’m starting, honestly, to have the horrible feeling that my TBR shelf is more of a Never TBR Shelf. I’m finding that if I don’t read something pretty much immediately on purchase, it goes on the shelf and becomes…well, something of a burden, at this stage. And the lovely thing about the e-books is I can put together a wishlist and go buy something from it when I have a moment to read, and then bam, I’m reading it and all is copacetic. Furthermore, if there’s a sequel available, I then tend to buy them up on e-book and read them while my enthusiasm is still hot. So…yeah. I think I’ve gone to the dark side.

    Last year the goal was to read all the books on the TBR shelf and anything left at the end of the year was going to the used bookstore unread, but last year sucked and I’m not holding myself to that line. I may give it another go this year, especially as I’m starting to realize an awful lot of the books on these shelves aren’t actually *mine*. I should, frankly, be able to get through the 20 or so fiction books on my physical shelf without straining myself too much this year.

    The non-fiction shelf needs some active effort as well as updating. I suspect there, as well, that e-books would be read more quickly, but I’d…have to really change my habits to buy history books in e-format, so I’ll just try to work with what I’ve got right now. (Mneh. I see I could replace Ben Wilson’s DECENCY & DISORDER with an e-book, which is…extremely tempting, because a significant part of the reason I haven’t continued reading that is it’s a big fat book with small leding and margins which makes it physically difficult to read. And that’s not just because my eyes are getting older, as I’ve had the book for several years now and it’s only in the past year my focus point has changed! It’s just not a well designed book….)

    I need to make a graphic novels list, too, just to remind myself there’s stuff I haven’t yet read.

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    To Be Read 2016

    I’ve just moved most of our TBR shelf into the living room, where it can be seen and therefore perhaps take on greater urgency than being in the library (which seems like the sensible place for it, but we, y’know, *live* in the living room…). 90% of the books on it are more than 6 months old; 75% are more than a year old. Anything LEFT on it at the end of 2016 is going to the used bookstore unread, because enough is enough. I personally have about 40 books on the shelf, excluding graphic novels, ten of which are non-fiction and which I don’t reasonably expect to read all of in 2016.

    Behind the cut lies the almost inevitably incomplete To Be Read list. Books with a star beside them are first-in-series and may be moved to to the end of the list, depending on whether the whole series is available; books marked L/I/K/E T/H/I/S are books I bounced off, and books in parentheses are new purchases in 2016.

    My next goal is to be buying more books on my Kobo, so a *physical* TBR shelf doesn’t have to be moved from one house to another ever again. :P

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    tbr shelf: that’s one way to do it

    One way to get through the TBR shelf is to bounce off what I’m trying to read. I’ve had a couple of thuds in a row, one mystery novel (which my mom couldn’t finish either) and an epic fantasy that I…probably could have made it through…if I’d really wanted to try…but it felt very over-written to me and I was just kind of tired of it before I got to page ten. Throw in a couple graphic novels and my little debacle with the MC Beaton books last month, and hey, that’s five or six books knocked off the TBR shelf in no time! @.@

    Technically my friend Carol Berg’s book DUST & LIGHT is up next, but it’s book one of a duology and the second will probably be out around August, so I may skip that for now so I can read them back to back when book 2 is available. That brings me to MR Carey’s THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, so I think I’ll go right ahead and read that.

    Although possibly I should now work in one of the non-fiction books, else I fear I’ll never actually read them. I’m still undecided on whether I have to read those alphabetically or not. There aren’t nearly as many of them. :) Thoughts? :)

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    TBR Shelf, In Pictures

    This post is like 98% for my friend Trent, who is always trying to see what books are on the shelves in the background of my other pictures, so I thought I’d help out there. :) They are not in alphabetical order, which makes me crazy, but alphabetical order would mean theY WOUld bE ALl sorts oF differeNt sizEs and apparently I deemed that as Even More Offensive than lacking alphabetical order. So I’ve got them arranged by size. O.O

    I may, however, read them in alphabetical order just to remove a decision-making factor. :)

    The fiction TBR shelves:


    tbr02 - Copy


    The unreadable-title graphic novels there at the right are the first two Captain Marvel collections, the first Ms Marvel collection, Matt Fraction’s run on Uncanny X-Men, Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant, and Strong Female Protagonist. And also last month’s NatGeo. :)


    The equally unreadable (because both the camera & lighting are crap) books in the middle there are EJ Cooper’s Haunted Guesthouse mysteries and Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mysteries.

    Mostly non-fic, with some fic stragglers that wouldn’t fit on the other shelves:

    Ever so faintly in my defense, I’ve read a number of these and they’re on the shelf because Ted hasn’t read them yet. :) An awful lot of them, though, are on my TBR list (which needs updating again because I got a bag of books back from Mom…)…

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