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Bewitching Benedict teaser chapter!

Bewitching Benedict is currently available for pre-order on: iTunes || Kindle || Kobo || Nook Chapter One The Season had, in Miss Claire Dalton’s estimation, come early, and come directly to her. It had arrived—or was soon to arrive—in the form of her cousin Charles, whom she had not seen since childhood. More interestingly, it was to arrive in the form of two of Charles’s friends, young men he had seen only a few times since leaving for the Coalition Wars more than seven years ago. Claire’s mother had warned…

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quick note

I was going to say “quick note, not wordcount-related”, but that’s not true, as I’ve now blown past the halfway mark in the book, so yay me. The 2/3rds mark feels Very Far Away right now, which is sort of depressing. (It’s not *that* far away, about 13.5K, but that feels like a lot just now.) But on the positive side, I’m vacillating between “oh god, I don’t have enough book left for this story” and “oh god, I don’t have enough story left for this book”, which may not…

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