Kitsnaps: Prowling

Prowling Sumatran tiger at Dublin Zoo
Prowling Sumatran tiger at Dublin Zoo
Just in case you were under the impression you might not be lunch.

This one I think is really more of a high-quality snapshot than a Kitsnap, which I like to imagine have, like, Artistic Merit, but not everything has to be top shelf, right? Right.

I have to figure out some way to reduce the size of the images landing on LJ, since 800px on a side is, well, too big. I mean, this all looks utterly fabulous on itself, but most of you, I believe, are reading it on LJ. ( readers can feel free to correct me if in fact there are five thousand of you or something. :)) I mean, I suppose I could reduce them to 600px on the long side, which is less obtrusive, but WANT TO SHOW OFF. Or something. I must think about this more. It would be less too big if the wrap was working, but it’s not (must poke at that some more too) but still, basically too big. *frets*

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