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    shannara livetweet, eps 2-3

    o no i’m watching more #shannarachronicles
    i might have to livetweet it again
    i don’t know if i can resist

    lol “what happened to eyes up here” <3 wil ok i might like you. oh good wet hair elf ears, mmm-bop boy.

    it really is *very* pretty. mostly good costuming. look it’s him with the face again! i like faces.

    mmm-bop look how well my hair dries naturally mmm-bop oh oh oh

    i had a terrible thought about #shannarachronicles
    if it keeps going the thing will happen with allanon and that will be awful
    manu bennett nooooo

    mmm-bop last king of shannara
    mmm-bop listen to me
    mmm-bop she’s the hero
    mmm-bop don’t look at me

    funny, i don’t remember the elcryss having AN ACTUAL DOOR IN IT


    i love the colors. i know it’s just super saturated, but, well, i like that.


    amberle looks like rose byrne’s little sister


    “you have to believe me”
    “because i have really big brown eyes”
    #bedroomeyes #blinkblinkblink


    i really did always think her name was pronounced ‘amberelle’, though

    mmm-bop here comes my girlfriend
    mmm-bop she doesn’t look good
    mmm-bop she’s got a seed
    mmm-bop let’s save the world

    john rhys davies is the only one who knows what’s going on here
    well him & allanon but allanon’s not gonna get all emotional about it, is he, because allanon

    pricky elf prince: is a prick
    patrick dempsey elf prince: is a sweetie

    ok if that’s not john cho who is it

    OOP SIGNIFICANT HAND HOLDING yep yep yep mmm-bop

    question from the reading audience: perhaps a silly question.. I grew up on the books.. is this worth the watch?

    i too grew up on the books. the show’s a train wreck. i’m 4 episodes in & not gonna quit. take that as you will :)


    ooo more moments between doe-eyed elf boy & hanson, prince of shannara mmm-bop if you know what i mean

    oh it’s gary young, who apparently looks a great deal like an age-makeuped-john-cho.

    i actually genuinely like eritrea. she’s splendid. OOH SMOOCHIES DOE EYED ELF BOY WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED & SO AM I

    …i don’t remember that happening either. #LOL! “i’ll never call you short tips again” *shrieks laughing*

    woo, go doe-eyed elf boy! srsly, tho, i don’t remember you existing at all…

    oh look amberle has been given sting. i mean, uh, Totally Not Sting. (actually shea had sting, didn’t he, it’s been so long)

    god, manu bennett. the skater boi haircut is Just Wrong for allanon, but god, manu bennett.


    come growl at me any time, manu bennett. dear lord. (allanon is tall & narrow, isn’t he? don’t care. manu bennett is perfect.)

    yes, doe eyed elf boy, throw yourself at hanson, prince of #shannara mmm-bop

    #lol eretria you go girl

    elf prince dempsey does not approve of your schemes

    oh no we’re all caught up! what will happen with hanson, prince of #shannara, & the doe-eyed elf boy!? will allanon growl again? & what about the tantalizing elf lady clinch?! tune in next time for catie’s livetweeting of the #shannarachronicles!

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    shannara chronicles, omg

    I accidentally livetweeted watching the first episode of The Shannara Chronicles while Somewhat Tired. It went like this:

    …I can see that #TheShannaraChronicles is going to be an extreme addiction sort of thing.

    o god manu bennett i luv u

    (trying to explain the show setup to a friend):
    oh wow they’re really making the whole “this is our world only After The Fall real clear here aren’t they
    the credits have the toppled thing in seattle
    sky tower
    jesus christ
    the THING

    oooh john chu!

    manu bennet
    i love you manu bennet

    CHO john cho look i just called the space needle a sky tower give me a break okay

    manu bennett needs his druid hair done differently he’s very skater boi but manu bennett

    also i really always thought it was said “amberell” not “amberley”, hnuh

    wil looks like a hanson. i’m expecting him to “mmm-bop” any moment now.

    also there’s a wolfhound. how can you go wrong with a wolfhound

    this is awful
    i can’t stop watching

    one Elf Brother looks like a young Patrick Dempsey but cuter than Dempsey was at that age
    the other looks like a prick

    the elcryss is really cool, actually

    wait, is that paranor? isn’t paranor in the middle of a jungle wasteland? not a desert wasteland? also john rhys davies i love you too

    mmm-bop with my pointy elf ears, mmm-bop

    “NOT LIKE YOU NEED A HUMAN SACRIFICE OR SOMETHING” hi that’s a little on the nose there isn’t it kids

    whoops with the betrayals and the stabbings

    aw patrick dempsey elf is sad

    hey, it’s that guy with the face, playing eritrea’s father. i like him and his face.

    FORBIDDEN ELFIN DRUIDIC LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV oh plus some magic allanon you bastard

    oh come on i really wanted a kiss there. and oh look now naked elves.

    mmm-bop elf princess gonna cut my ears off mmm-bop oh oh oh

    wasn’t amberle a redhead? i mean i don’t mind her not being but wasn’t she?

    so much for the smoochies i was hoping for. >.< WHAT THAT'S THE END no i can't watch more tonight i have to go to sleep NO TED YOU CAN'T WATCH MORE TONIGHT I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP

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    TV on DVD: s3 Arrow

    TV on DVD: s3 Arrow: If I were stronger, I would stop watching Arrow now.

    It’s not that I don’t like it. I *do* like Arrow; I’ve liked it from the start. I have issues with all the secret-keeping (issues which paid off in spades this season, actually, especially at the end), but I really like it and normally I’d be happy to watch it through five seasons, which is as far as it should go even if it’s probably going to go a lot farther. I want to see what happens with Diggs, particularly, because this could be the Diggs & Felicity Show for all I care and I’d be super thrilled. But it’s not, and my problem here is that I really, really loved the end of season 3.

    I mean, really, truly loved it. And I…I want it to be done, with that ending. And it won’t be. It won’t be for a thousand reasons, not least of which is that they’ve, y’know, been renewed for a fourth season, and because there are now two spin-off shows plus Supergirl happening in the DCTVU, so even if Arrow ended, we’d probably see cameos and what-not in all those other shows, and because–

    –well, I can’t say the last because without spoilers, so herein lies the spoiler cut. I’m going to say exactly what happens in the final scene and why it means a lot to me, so if you don’t want to know, don’t click through.

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    TV on DVD: Sleepy Hollow Season One

    TV on DVD: Sleepy Hollow Season One: That went more or less where I expected it to, but I enjoyed the ride. There was…it’s not a long season, but I kind of felt it could have been a little shorter without losing anything, as some of it managed to feel samey-samey despite being a new show and all of that. It’s probably hard to feel entirely fresh and new in a supernatural TV show at this point, but even so.

    Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison have wonderful chemistry. I couldn’t decide which of them I liked looking at more. (Fortunately I didn’t often have to choose, since they’re on screen together a lot. :)) The show’s got one of the most solid supporting casts ever, and I think/hope the one link I thought was weakest–Katia Winter–is actually better than the role, which is a little limited.

    Actually, I’m almost certain she is better than the role, because of reasons I will illuminate beyond the cut. But seriously, Clancy Brown, John Cho, Orlando Jones? You can hardly go wrong. And Lyndie Greenwood is currently my top choice for Margrit Knight, if I ever got to cast an Old Races show. :)

    Know what my FAVOURITE THING about this show was? Crane and Mills TALKED TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME. They did not keep secrets from one another. If something was wrong, they told each other. If they were upset, they talked about it. If they were worried or scared, they confessed it.

    I have gotten so used to the infuriating Secret Keeping on Arrow, Supernatural, and myriad others that I was surprised EVERY SINGLE TIME Abbie and Ichabod TALKED TO ONE ANOTHER. It got to where Ted and I were kind of like “There they go again, talking about things instead of letting it turn into a total emotional and physical disaster! Whoda thunk!” I loved it.

    I did spend the whole show waiting for Ichabod to completely break down, and am moderately disappointed that we only got kind of a nod toward that with the Thanksgiving episode. I mean, I guess they didn’t want to bog the story down with Cope, but really I thought being thrown 250 years out of time deserved a little more angst, even if the humour it was dealt with was often very funny.

    A bit more detailed commentary behind the cut…

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