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    quick warm-up blog post

    I should remember that I never do get functional enough to write until I’ve been awake 20 minutes or so. Well. I do remember that. What I *should* have done was not dork around on the computer for those 20 minutes, and instead hand up the sopping wet laundry. (I cannot figure out how to make the washing machine spin with any degree of enthusiasm, so the clothes come out Very Very Wet Indeed. OTOH, there’s not even a hint of fog, much less cloud cover, this morning. It’s going to be unspeakably hot and the clothes will certainly be dry by noon, nevermind by whenever it is we return from today’s Adventures.

    I also, of course, should have started another *load* of laundry in my wake-up time, but I didn’t. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be more proactive, but today I’m going to go have an exceptionally productive 2 hours and write 2500 words. So Sez I.

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