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    thistledown & other things

    The thistles are all exploding with thistledown. I have this utterly irrational urge to, like, collect, spin, and weave with it, or something, just because there’s so much of it! This was one of my primary thoughts while walking (dear god) nine and a half miles today. Another one was a long and serious consideration of how I would survive if I was thrown back a hundred years in time with only the clothes on my back (answer: get by long enough to place a large bet on the Titanic sinking), including how I would explain my utterly inappropriate haircut (I sold it for money!) and my even-more-inappropriate clothes (I was set upon by creative bandits? …who invented tennis shoes?). I decided I would be best off writing newspaper articles or serialized stories, and also, in order to help my future self, also writing all the manuscripts I’d like to get caught up on and putting them in a safe deposit box, which I would notify myself of via postal letter sent a hundred years into the future.

    …don’t other people think things like this while they’re out walking? In my defense (if I need a defense) I think I sorted out some stuff for the short story whilst walking, too. *frowns at it*

    Several people showed up at the war room this morning, some of them even with the purpose of writing, so I’ll probably start posting over at Toonowrimo when I go to work in the mornings. Hopefully some other Europe-based writers will join me.

    Oh! Ted has arranged a hotel room for us for the 13th-15th of August, so we’re going up to Belfast to see the tall ships. Belfast-based people, get in touch, we should have dinner!

    miles to Minas Tirith: 535.7
    ytd wordcount: 198,600

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    DEMON HUNTS is revised and delivered unto my editor. The copped-out storyline is much improved and hopefully everything else that needed explaining has been explained satisfactorily. And now I have no more revisions to do until the next TRUTHSEEKER revision letter. However, lest you think that means I’m caught up, I say BAHAHAHA. O.O Next up is writing “Hot Time”, upon which I’ve done some 1800 words already and, er, I seriously doubt this is going to come in as short as 7500 words. I’m sort of hoping I can keep it to 10K. There’s probably only very little chance, if that, that I can finish it this week, but I’ll probably try, because it’d be nice to get the Walker Papers 6 proposal done by August 7.

    I also seem to have picked up a Sekrit Project, which was not at all part of my plan. But it’s going to be flipping *awesome* when it comes together, and given that three of the four pieces are already in alignment, I see very little reason why it should not come together. :)

    I’ve caught up on the major X-Men storylines now, and one of these days will maybe write something meaningful about them. Short form: taken together, X-Men HOUSE OF M, DECIMATION, DEADLY GENESIS, ENDANGERED SPECIES, and MESSIAH COMPLEX…make a pretty good story, actually. And wherever I inferred it from was correct: MANIFEST DESTINY is pretty much completely useless in terms of story-driving plot, but it does have Ardian’s Marve debut with the Nightcrawler one-shot in it, so it was worth buying. :)

    A lady came today to take away our extra bed, so the enormous upstairs back bedroom is finally ready to have something done with it. This pleases me very much.

    Somehow I walked over six miles today. No wonder I’m exhausted.

    July Thinks To Do:
    finish TRUTHSEEKER revisions
    revisions for DEMON HUNTS
    – proposal for Walker Papers #6
    – write “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”
    Chance graphic novel proposal
    – an essay or two for the Chance GN
    – getting together all the materials for that GN
    proposal for WAYFINDER
    (rough) WORLDBREAKER pitch

    miles to Minas Tirith: 516
    ytd wordcount: 196,000

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