Milford writing retreat

I was afforded the unexpected opportunity to go on a writing retreat in mid-May. It was a great success, but I have to start by telling you about the first time I went on this retreat, in 2019, which MIGHT have been the first year this retreat was held. That week, I wrote 41,000 words. Which is a lot. In fact, it’s enough that they said “we’re now going to use ‘murphy’ as our unit of measurement for this retreat forever,” which I thought they were joking about, except it…

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weekend writing retreat

I had a little stress-induced breakdown this week (mentioned earlier under the cunning title “rage bot murder machine” or something like that) and consequently Ted sent me away for a weekend writing retreat this weekend. My primary goal going in was to get the REDEEMER manuscipt to 90,000 words (about 4/5ths done), and my secondary goal was to write 15,000 words if I could (these two goals were separated by a wordcount of about 1500 words). I wrote about 16,000 words, which comes out (roughly) to about 53 pages of…

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For Mother’s Day (it’s Mother’s Day today on this side of the pond) I got to take a mini writing retreat to Galway, where my sister’s musical was also premiering. I hopped on the train at 11am on Saturday morning and by 6pm had 8K written and was in such a zone that if I hadn’t had evening arrangements I’d have probably stayed right where I was and written until I collapsed. However, I did have plans, so I went out to dinner and then to the show, after a…

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not usually

I won’t usually post two of these a day but it makes more sense to my brain to post it at the end of the day instead of the beginning, so today gets the Announcement Of Writing post and now the End Of The Day Wordcount Post. 5100 / 70000 words. 7% done! Holy crap it’s hot.

aaaaaaand we’re back

the writing retreat blog This is my Writing Retreat Wake-Up Blog, because I have deliberately not asked my host for her intarweb connection information, so I cannot go through my usual morning process of checking FB,LJ, Twitter, and email and must do something to warm my fingers up. Or my brain. There’s apparently a dance club somewhere beneath my host’s apartment. It didn’t keep me awake, but it did spill a number of talkative men outside my window at 4am, where they remained until 7am, which is when I needed…

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