history lesson, via #Hamilton

Me: *sings* My name is Alexander Hamilton! Indy: Who’s that? Me: He’s one of the people who fought the Revolutionary War and helped start the United States of America. He built the banks. Indy: *wide eyes* Revolutionary War? Me: Yes. You know how in 1916 in Ireland there was a revolution? The United States had one of those in 1776, a very long time ago. Indy: Did Ireland have any more revolutions? Me: Yes, in 1921. That’s when they obtained their independence from Britain, which is the same country that…

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Indy and I went on a Pokewalk this evening. Won the local gym back (at great cost, half our Pokemon fainted!). We’re *terrible* at Pokebattles but Indy seems to be learning to embrace the “we’re doing it for fun not for winning” thing, which is great. and OH OH OH DO YOU KNOW WHY #POKEMON’s MAGIKARP IS SO HARD TO EVOLVE THERE’S AN AWESOME REASON! turns out there’s a Japanese legend abt a fish determined to climb a massive waterfall. keeps trying, keeps trying, keeps trying. all the other fish…

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Kitsnaps: Baloo

Except this is not a Kitsnaps. This is a picture taken by Young Indiana, who is captivated by my big camera and asked, “Mama, can *I* try some pfa..fopa…forpar…far-tography?” I think “‘far’tography” is the most wonderful word in the world, and will be featuring Indy’s far-tography from time to time on Kitsnaps. What a darling kid.

Recent Reads: Little House books

I bought the Little House series (the proper edition, illustrated by Garth Williams) for Young Indiana last year for Christmas, thinking that sometime in the next year or so he might be about ready to start having them read to him. A few months ago he got LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, brought it to me, and said, “Maybe we could read this book! It has a FEW pictures!” I told him we had to start with LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS, but that I would love to read…

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Epic Disciplinary Parent Fail

Epic disciplinary parenting fail: Note from teacher: Young Indiana had to be spoken to in the yard for licking other children. Me, already trying not to giggle: Indy, did you lick someone in the yard today? Indy, full of big blue eyes and guilelessness: Remember the game we were playing where we were dogs? Me: …yes… Indy: I saw one of my owners, so I had to lick him! Me: ‪*completely loses it, bursts out laughing* I’m still giggling. I eventually managed to look solemn enough to say he shouldn’t…

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