the TBRS project

Y’know, I’m genuinely a little concerned about my TBR shelf project (the one where I have to clear out about 70% of my TBR shelf before I can buy anything new), just because it’s harder to read fiction when I’m writing it* and I have to get an awful lot of writing done next year. Somehow.

If I was planning a massive *re-read* project (aside from the GGK thing, which is not massive), I’d be in much better shape. It’s far easier to read things I’ve already read. Less anticipation, I think, and the familiar lines aren’t distracting from the creation of new stuff in my head, or something. Re-reads and cosy mysteries that I can knock off in about 70 minutes: those are saving graces for my Have-Read list, the past few years. And graphic novels, actually; not so many words in graphic novels.

There’s a bunch of cosies I want to be able to read next year, too. I guess I’d better order them before the end of the year, eh? :)

In other news, Ted got me the *entire* Benjamin January series (by Barbara Hambly) backlist in hardcover for Christmas, so I might be doing a January re-read too. Especially since there are now, I believe, 12 of them.

Yeah, this isn’t boding well for the TBRS…

*Not at the actual same literal time, you goddamn pedants. :)

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