ted day!


Ted had to get up at 5:30 in the morning on his day so he could go be at class by 7am. Poor Ted! OTOH, he got a new computer for his birthday, so it can’t be *all* bad. :) Plus I have some other presents to wrap for him. :)

Last night’s obedience training class didn’t go so well. Chanti was *completely* uninterested in it. One of my Thinks To Do today is to spend 20 minutes working with her on class stuff. o.o Next week we’ll make sure she’s hungry when we go, so she’s interested in the treats, too. o.o

Got another 250 words written on TB last night, since I decided what I needed to do was edit the chapters I’d worked back in so that this morning I’d be able to forge on. And I did. So that was good. What was somewhat less good is that I discovered that my original chapter 16 which was now chapter 20 did the same basic thing that my new chapter 17 does, only not so well. Which is good because it means I’m using the same train of thought and have the same general impulses with this book as I did in the first place, but which is bad because instead of being at 60K I’m at something like 57K and working on a new chapter 20, which is like unto pulling teeth. I managed to get my 1100 words this morning, but man. I’ll give it another whirl later today, maybe — I’d like to hit 1500 for TB, and I just noticed that my YTD wordcount is a trifle shy of 25K, so that’s kind of inspiring to sit my butt down and do either another thousand on TB or do something with TQB.

thinks to do:
1. write irs letter
2. work with chanti
3. wrap tedpresents
4. go to gym
5. cook dinner
6. write more
7. call dentist

ytd wordcount: 23,850