thank heavens

I’m a few words from finishing chapter 25, and it’s pretty clear to me that chapter 26 will be the last. Then the epilogue, and I’m done. I’ll be able to finish this tomorrow.

I would like to take a moment to give thanks to whatever many-tentacled deity is listening.

*collapses* It has not been a hard run, as far as books go. Part of it is the small amount of down time during the writing of the book. I did the proposal last year, but I’ve written everything else in the last … month. I can’t remember when I started writing. Maybe a day or two at the very beginning of March, but then there was Jenn and Grandma and Ted’s arm and doom and I didn’t really get started til the 6th and on the 12th I was on chapter 6. So yeah. The last month. Writing with that much focus helps a lot. It’s easier to remember what you did at the beginning. Still, this is the last of the unspeakably tight deadlines (assuming, at least, that I do not screw up and slack off for the next three months), and getting through it will be a huge relief.

I might’ve finished it today, but Ted and I went into Cork and went to the market and went to see “Failure to Launch”, which was pretty cute. We had a really nice day, and we both needed the time out of the house and away from the keyboards, so that was good.

I believe I will spend Monday through Wednesday *reading*. I’ll do revisions on Thursday and Friday and submit the book Friday evening. But Monday through Wednesday, I am going to FINALLY read LAST LIGHT OF THE SUN, which I’ve owned for two years, and going to read the Luna books I haven’t had time to (‘s SONG OF UNMAKING is first on the list), and the first two of Jim‘s fantasy series, and Ebear’s () 3rd novel, WORLDWIRED, and Charlie’s () IRON SUNRISE, and … OTHER stuff too if I WANT!

(Quite a lot later, but before I’ve hit ‘post’ on this…: I was wrong. Chapter 25 kept going and going, and now I’ve hit more than 1800 words and have decided to make the second half of 25 a chapter of its own. So maybe there’ll be 27 chapters after all. Either way, I should be able to write the final chapter and epilogue tomorrow and be *done*.)

ytd wordcount: 134,600
miles to Mount Doom: 457

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