& that was the weekend

I keep not blogging because my life is so full of mundanity that there is no reason to blog about it. For example, Saturday’s excitement was getting up at 5:30am, a time when no one in Ireland is awake unless they’re coming at it from the other side, walking 9.5 miles and, instead of getting to spend the evening alone eating popcorn and ice cream and watching Kate & Leopold, spent it first trying and then failing to keep the child who awakened at 5:30am in bed until 10:30 when Ted came home from his movie and I went to bed myself. The child in question apparently remained awake until 11:30pm. I have no idea.

Sunday’s big fun was that I started sorting through photographs. I culled some, but I need to go buy photo album. I realized a few days ago that if the Great Photo Project is ever going to work, I’m going to have to take it in stages. I’m never going to just go flying through and cull, scan and album them all, and it’s far more practical to cull and album first.

Okay, it’s taken me like three days to write this blog post, which is just, I mean c’mon.

Anyway, today we went and got photo albums, so now we have like ALL the photo albums, although I’m quite certain it won’t be enough for everything. :) But it’s enough to start.

Ted found the computer cables in the safe place he’d put them, so the big computer is now put together again. Perhaps I’ll even get a chance to upload the pictures I’ve taken recently.

And now it’s the last week for the Arthur Guinness Projects! Vote for my near-future SF climate change project, The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight!