that’s more like it

After writing nary a word yesterday (*and* not going to puppy class, because Ted had homework and was exhausted), I got up this morgle and ARGH MUST PUNCH DOWN THE BREAD! made bread and wrote 1300 words.

Do you ever have this thing where you just can’t get through a chapter and so you finally grunt and end the chapter and then blow through a few hundred words and tag them onto the end of the last chapter because that’s where they really belong but there was this like huge psychological barrier to writing them there? Or is it just me? Anyway, that’s what I did this morning, and got 1300 words written, so that’s good.

There are still some flaws with this book. (*gasp* You mean I’m not writing something PERFECTLY? WOE!) Nothing that can’t be fixed, and even nothing that needs to be fixed so that I can finish the draft, but definetely things that *do* need to be fixed. I’ve even been taking notes on them. Aren’t I clever? :)

Not much else to report this morning, probably since it’s, y’know. Only 8:30.

Oh. I should make a list of thinks to do.

1. finish bread
2. walk at der gym
3. go get new passport pictures taken
4. email allison
5. change kitty litter

ytd wordcount: 44,450