the case of the disappearing cereal

For some time, I suspected Shaun of snitching some of my cereal. It seemed to be going very very quickly, no more than maybe ten bowls of cereal a box. That seemed way too fast, so I figured somebody else was eating my cereal. Not, you know, that people aren’t allowed, but man, it just seemed to disappear really fast.

After several weeks of being grumpy about this, I looked on the side of the cereal box to see how many servings there were supposed to be per box.




I started buying the larger sized box of the cereal. Now I get 14 bowls or so, and feel much less gypped. *laugh*

I feel vaguely oogy this morning and I’m taking the day off. I’m going to work on Heart of Stone and see if I can get a big chunk of rewrites done. I’m at the “throw it all out and rewrite it” stage, and have probably… 5 chapters, maybe more, to completely re-do. So. I’ll see if I can get a bunch of that done today.

That’s about all for now.