the damage [ww lock]

I told myself I didn’t have to get back on the scale until the 25th as long as I ate well during the four weeks after Christmas. Well, I didn’t really eat that well, but I didn’t get on the scale until today anyway.

The damage was not as bad as I feared. I have not eaten well…well. Honestly, I didn’t eat especially well for pretty much all of 2006. I started out sick and hungry (which is somewhat unusual; usually I lose my appetite when I’m sick) and I never got back on the wagon for any time period significant enough to make a difference. The result: I’m up 12 pounds. Only one pair of my pants fit.

The first convention of the season is in 6 weeks. If I’m consistent about staying on the wagon, at least all my pants will fit by then. If I’m lucky, I might be back down to where I was…

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