the day

Today was kind of a wash. I got up late after staying up too late arguing politics at my parents’ house, and then got overheated while we were shopping and didn’t feel good, so I went back to bed and napped for two and a half hours. Then I got up and made a cake, which the dog took a bite of when we went to the store to buy cream cheese to make the frosting with. So I made another cake, and made a 3 layer cake instead of a 2 layer cake, and then, surprisingly, Paul and Robin and Beth came over and helped us eat it, which was pleasant. Less pleasant was how the frosting failed to set up properly, so overall, a very grumpy baking day.

I did, though, go on a 40 minute walk and get 1110 words written. 1100 isn’t a lot, but it /is/ my daily quota, so I was satisfied with it.

Tomorrow’s schedule, whether I like it or not:

Get up at 6 & exercise, then write.
Shower. Work. Take a walk break during work. 15 minutes.
Work. Take another walk break during work. 15 minutes.
Get done with work. Either write more, or work on a drawing.
Go swim.
Come home. Read a book.
Go to bed.

I write all this down in hopes of making myself actually do it. They (They) say that one of the best ways to achieve goals is to write them down. It makes them more real, or something.

music: Princess Bride soundtrack
ytd wordcount: 102,900