The Long Room

Our living room is about 20 feet long, and will contain the dining table when we’re done, so it will henceforth (at least in these hallowed pages) be referred to as the Long Room.

The living room half of the Long Room is pretty well sorted now:


(For the record, Young Indiana’s leg is not strangely deformed, it’s just the photo is a panorama and he moved while I was taking it. :))

It and our bedroom are about the only two spaces that can be considered pretty well sorted thus far. The back half of the Long Room is currently a staging area, and while last night the library was looking well enough that I was going to post a Rough Draft photo, since then things have been moved in and it’s an utter disaster again.

But we have amazing roses:



and there are AT LEAST FIVE apple trees in the back garden. I have no idea, save to wait and hope, how to find out if they’re edible or crab apples, although some of them are certainly already as big as I’ve ever heard of crab apples getting and it’s only the end of June. And there are lots of things that can be made of crab apples if it turns out they’re not eating apples…

…but I really hope they’re eating apples. :) Two of the trees look like they might have a fairly decent crop, and all of them clearly need some TLC, so we’ll see how it all goes over the next months.

Okay. There’s still a great deal to do, so I’d better get to it.