the most bougie thing i have ever done

Our dryer died last weekend, and the landlord is working on getting a new one, but in the meantime, the laundry is piling up, so I have found a local laundry service that will COLLECT EVERYTHING, take it away, wash, dry, and fold it, then BRING IT BACK TO US.

I said over on twitter that if this goes well, I may never do laundry again. That’s probably not true, but the fact that I can just have somebody COLLECT IT…. I mean, I found them because I was looking for a laundromat near me, and the Google ad service came up with them and I was like “…that would just be a lot easier,” so I booked them.

It is by far the most bougie thing I have ever done.

It’s also just like a huge sigh of relief.

I should probably apply this new knowledge about that last sentence there to the blog post below about housecleaning, Marie Kondo-ing, and…stuff. :)