the one ring

MIT is so cool.

I have a lap full of Lucy. She was on the stairs going, “MAAAH!” pathetically, and I looked at her and said, “Well, come here,” and she came running over, and anklerubbed, and now she’s taken over my lap.

Cup of water #6 now working its way through my system. Rapidly.

Yesterday we had successful shopping. I got an ice-cream maker, which I’ve wanted for ages, and we got a table with a lamp for the stupid dark corner of our living room, so now there can be READING in there, and Ted got the gaming material he wanted for Christmas, and a Nightcrawler bust that’s really quite nice, and we failed the fondue-set roll, because Habitat and its pretentious prices made Ted grumpy, so we’ll try somewhere else for one. AND we did food shopping, which we desperately needed to do, and … that’s enough. :)