the uses of ham

On Sunday I cooked a rather large ham. I made ham gravy, because there was all that lovely juice and it seemed a shame to waste it. There was a *lot* of gravy, so on Monday I took a chunk of the ham, all of the gravy, two cans of beans, and some oniongarlicbutter and made ham and bean soup (which is OMG good). Ted made ham and mushroom and cheese omelettes for dinner with another chunk of the ham.

Today I have taken the remains of it and am making a giant pot of pea soup in the crock pot. This is my favorite kind of crock pot recipe (or any other recipe, for that matter): chop up ingredients. put them in the pot. pour water over them. turn the heat on. come back in 5 hours & eat soup. :)

Possibly I should go see if there’s any cornmeal to make into cornbread to go with this lovely ham and bean or pea soup. :)

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