there we are.

the essential kit

I couldn’t post to LJ for the past 24 hours or so, so there’s a sudden rash of posts from me as things propagate. Sorry.

So far this week I’ve won tickets to FF6 and an upgrade to my Meat Loaf concert ticket. I clearly need to go buy lotto tickets tonight.

Young Indiana and I went to the Botanic Gardens the other day. A couple of kids around age 6 saw us and stood there grinning at us so hard I thought their faces would explode. It was a little freaky, actually. Just standing there grinning, they were. Finally I realized it was because I was SPIDER-MAN. I’m so used to wearing that hoodie I forget its effect on small children. :)

We finished watching s1 Arrow last night. HOLY CRAP! OMG! HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! Then we had to watch an episode of Castle as a unicorn chaser. Fortunately it was the s5 Christmas episode, so it made an excellent unicorn chaser. *palipitations*

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