things! many things!

I have *finally* gotten the green light on the title for the 9th and final Walker Papers! It will be SHAMAN RISES, and if all goes according to schedule, I believe it’ll be out in December 2013.

(Book 8, MOUNTAIN ECHOES, is out in January, I think.)

I spent some time this morning talking comics with a friend, and now a part of me desperately wants to run a Kickstarter for the second chapter of “Take A Chance”. This is no more practical than running any other Kickstarters right now (and considerably less practical than running some), but I wanna anyway.

Speaking of which, Dublin’s comic con has been resurrected and is on this weekend! …because ALL THE THINGS are happening this weekend. Two different sets of friends are visiting. My sister’s participating in a fundraiser full of cool workshops I’d like to do. At least two movies we want to see are coming out. ALL. THE. THINGS. It will be a very busy weekend.

The house I dearly want is up for sale again. I need to write something amazingly fabulous that publishers will give me All The Money for so I can buy it.

I better get on that. :)

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