Thinks to do today:

1. finish laundry
2. work on Angles
3. go biking
4. vacuum
5. clean up back yard
6. clip some lilacs for the house

We went to the new Charlie’s Angels movie last night. I barely remember the first one, but my recollection is that it was obviously bad, but I was at least entertained by it. This one was just embarrassing. The only good bits, and I use good very loosely, were with Demi Moore, towards the end.

Came home and I went on a 21.5 mile bike ride. It probably would’ve been longer, except I told myself if I were interrupted by a moose, I would turn around and head back, and lo, I was interrupted by a moose. So around I turned, and back I biked.

Chanti and I went on a walk this morning. Going on a walk with her makes my hands tired, even when she’s being relatively good. If we see another dog she flips out.

That’s all I can think of to say, so far today.

miles to Mordor: 452.5
miles to Rivendell: 127.5