thinks to do: the christmas list

go to the zoo
get pictures with santa
get some lovely tiger & elephant pictures
go to the store
get the things i failed to last night
— get peanut butter
clean kitchen
make dough
make pizza
make cinnamon rolls
make bread
– make applesauce
finish wrapping gifts
prettify gifts
attempt to be in bed early eta: i’m calling 10:30 early, for christmas eve, demmit.
under no circumstances disabuse young indiana of the notion that there are Two More Sleeps until Christmas eta:he has NO IDEA. he went to sleep in like 9 seconds. this is going to be epic. :)
– other things as they occur
make pumpkin pie
clean kitchen again @.@

– clean kitchen again, i suspect
– make apple pie
– make green bean casserole*
– make mushroom pie*
– finish any last minute wrapping
– other things as they occur

*ted is actually making these things