thinks to do

Headache today. I should go take some aspirin, huh? I didn’t write this morning, as I got up around 6:40, went downstairs, stared at the computer a while, and couldn’t think. So I went back to bed for an hour. :) I’ll write in a bit.

Thinks to do today:

1. write 1700-3000 words
2. swim

I think that may very well be all I’ve got to do today. Besides, y’know, work stuff, which I don’t put on this because I figure I can remember to do it anyway.

I need to get some breakfast and some water. I think today will be a low-output day for writing. Well, that’s okay. 5100 words yesterday was a lot.

Boy, do I have bike butt this morning. Ow. (5.25 miles on the stationary bike last night. Not so bad, with a good CD to listen to.)